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21 Feb, 2023
Posted by Savant Electric Company
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6 Electrical Hazards That May Need Immediate Electrical Repairs

6 Electrical Hazards That May Need immediate Electrical Repairs

There are safety hazards wherever there is electricity! If you are experiencing electrical issues in your home or business, it is important that you do not attempt to do your own electrical repairs! Always exercise caution with electrical wiring, electrical appliances, and electrical equipment. Electrical hazards put your family at risk in your home, and your staff and customers at risk if you own a business. Here are six potential electrical hazards to look for and become aware of to protect your home or business: 

  1. IF YOU HAVE FAULTY / DEFECTIVE / LOOSE ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS, pierced/cracked/pinched insulation, damaged appliances, or electrical wire damage by rodents can lead to power surges, arc faults, electrical shocks, and fires. Any damaged, corroded, or worn electrical wire should be immediately replaced and upgraded by a licensed electrician.
  2. IF YOUR CIRCUIT BREAKER TRIPS FREQUENTLY, it’s important to understand why the circuit breaker “tripped”. Because circuit breakers can trip for a variety of reasons and can be hazardous and also complicated for you to properly diagnose, it’s best to. call a skilled licensed electrician to come by to check the circuit breaker and recommend the electrical work that will be necessary.  
  3. IF YOU HAVE OUTDATED ELECTRICAL WIRING that is over 30 years old, more than likely, the electrical wiring will have poor or degraded insulation, cracking, and heat damage and you may experience grounding issues. . Old wiring was not designed to meet our current standards. Fire is a major concern with some older insulated electrical wires, which can result in arcing between a hot and ground wire which might be close to one another. To avoid fires and electrical shocks, call Savant Electric to replace electrical wiring so it meets today’s standards and provides a safe environment for your home or business.
  4. IF YOUR LIGHTS ARE DIMMING AND FLICKERING, this could be a sign that your electrical system is in jeopardy. The problem your electrical system is experiencing could be with the circuit or even the breaker box itself. To have your electrical system inspected due to having these issues with your lighting, do not hesitate, call Savant Electric, today.
  5. IF YOUR LIGHT BULBS ARE GOING OUT before their maximum lifespan,  the issue could be as simple as you using the wrong type of bulb for a light  fixture or could be there are excess fixture vibrations. But a serious culprit that is common is high voltage issues. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so contact Savant Electric to diagnose your electrical system to rule out high electrical voltage issues.
  6. IF YOU HAVE EXPOSED ELECTRICAL WIRES FROM RODENTS CHEWING on them, this is a fire hazard. Also,you could have loose connections from the rodents tugging on the wires as they chew. Electrical wiring damaged by rodents can spark or overheat, or they can cause electrical failure, which can increase your risk of your electrical system short circuiting.  If you have damaged electrical wiring due to  rodents, Savant Electric can replace your electrical wiring as needed, so call us today! 

If you are having any of these electrical problems, do not attempt to do your own electrical repairs!  Savant Electric’s professionally skilled electricians are trained, certified, licensed and equipped to safely fix your home or business electrical problems. A novice could cause more damage due to the risk of shorting out wires and appliances, causing more damage than there was before, and requiring more expensive repairs. Electrical hazards can become fatal when someone’s body comes in contact with high voltages.

At Savant Electric, your safety is always our number one priority. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We provide a wide range of electrical repair services in addition to our electrical wiring installation services to both homeowners and businesses in Southeast Texas. For electrical inspections, electrical renovations to emergency electrical repairs, call the experienced electricians at Savant Electric for all of your electrical repair and service needs.

From Orange to Beaumont, Winnie to the Baytown and Mont Belvieu area, also from Kirbyville to Lake Sam Rayburn areas, we provide electrical services in all communities in southeast Texas.

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